Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How to make your city flat greener.

I was inspired by the program "It's not easy to be green"; on BBC2 yesterday but was thinking that it is much easier to be green in the country when you have loads of space. In the city it is not possible for a flat owner to build a water wheel or have solar panels. I suppose you could have solar panels but all the flat owners in the block would need to agree. It is a shame that the government and city councils are not encouraging home owners to be a bit more green. There is only so much we can do: energy saving light bulbs, water saving flushes, taps and shower heads, recycling paper, cans, glass and plastic at your local supermarket. However, when it comes down to producing your own electricity or recycling grey water, it is not really feasible if you live in a city flat.

Still, I have been looking for products that are energy efficient and water saving and here goes (CAREFULL not all products on the sites are necessarily energy saving):

Household equipment for saving water and energy-saving light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs

Garden compost and rainwater collection

Range of water-saving taps, shower heads and toilets flushes
Tap inserts to reduce flow
Bathroom products

Everything from Eco Kettles to water-saving flush

Lots of energy saving gadgets:

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