Friday, September 22, 2006

Skype on your mobile=> EQO

O.K. I have now used EQO to phone a landline in Mexico city, these are the details.
Virgin mobile, my mobile carrier charged me the following:
21:52:29 Accessing other sites £0.03
21:52:29 Accessing other sites £0.04

I think these two separate charges are for the initial connection to EQO and then the actual call.
The call didn't last but here are the Skype details:
21:55 SkypeOut to my mobile for 00:00:45
21:55 Skypeout to Mexico city landline 00:00:36
With a cost of £0.1548
The total cost to phone a Mexico city landline from my mobile using EQO and Skype for 36 seconds was 22p, calling using my Virgin carrier would have cost 80p.

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