Friday, October 09, 2009

Automating label print out from google lousebase

I have been messing around trying to improve lousebase so that I can have tube labels automatically print out. The idea is that from within the lab, I could use an iPhone or any phone with a browser to add information to lousebase and then the tube identifier and information on which box,row,column I should put the tube in would be automatically generated by google spreadsheet.

So here is the form that you would point your mobile device (wireless laptop, iPhone, web enabled mobile)which should look something like this:

This form is set-up so that when you add a new entry, a label is created on one of the sheets. If changes are made to the label sheet, I receive an email. I was hoping that the email would contain the changes so that I could automatically print out that email with an applescript called Pergamail, I found here.

Unfortunately it only says that changes have occurred on the page so I need to go back to the drawing board. I thought that maybe using the Google Data APIs would be useful but as I am behind a firewall, I think I might be entering a whole world of pain.

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